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 [Declined]Rogue application

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PostSubject: [Declined]Rogue application   [Declined]Rogue application Icon_minitimeSat 5 Jul - 14:08

Hello Serial Chillers!

I would like to join your guild.

Character name: Thaleir
Class: Rogue
Specc: Subtely

Why do you wanna join Serial Chillers
I'm having a hard time finding a guild that raids MH/BT. Now that I've finally found one I just had to send an application, of course.
I can't really say that I've seen the progress of your guild, but the first guys I saw from Serial Chillers were in blue/epic. (Epics from KZ)
And when I heard about Serial Chillers were raiding MH and BT, the first thing I could think of was to join you guys.
So I must say, great progress you guys have done the last months.

Are you already in a guild?
No, I'm not.

If not, why did you leave your previous guild?
Well, I've been in so many guilds latly, I haven't really found my guild, if you get me. But I hope Serial Chillers might be that guild.

If the guild requires that you change your specc, would you do it?
Yes, right away. I don't really have the madamebush raid specc atm so, that would be no problem.

Why do you think you can do a good job in Serial Chillers?
Well, I'm one of those that plays really much WoW and wants big progress all the time or else it gets boring.
So that's why I think I can help Serial Chillers with the BT progress and my gear progress cause I never give up killing a boss.
My desire for better gear is so high! bounce

What do you want to achive in Serial Chillers?
Well, first of all, I want to kill Illidan and might get one of the warglaives.
And I want to make some friends cause It's vication now so most of my friends aren't played that much.

Do you have any raiding experience pre-tbc?
No, I was at level 50 when TBC got realised.

Do you have any alts?
Yes, I got a hunter aswell.

Some personal information:

How old are you? - I'm 16 years old.
Were are you from? - Norway.
Are you able to use Vent? - Yes!
Do you have a mic? - Yes!
When are you able to raid? - I'm able to raid always at the time this guild raids.
How much latency and fps do you have while playing WoW? - I have about 70 latency and 75 fps.
How long have you played WoW? - Two years.
How many hours per week do you play WoW? - To much, I think it's about 45 hours.
How many hours do you play on your rogue per week? - 44/45 hours.

My gear:

I hope this application is enough to join Serial Chillers. If you have any questions, please E-mail me at
or /w me in the game.

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[Declined]Rogue application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Declined]Rogue application   [Declined]Rogue application Icon_minitimeSat 5 Jul - 14:55

Hi Thaleir, Thanks for your application but we're full on rogues.

Expect to hear from us if the situation changes.

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[Declined]Rogue application
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