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 [Accepted] Apply Holy Pally - SquidSquad

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Apply Holy Pally - SquidSquad   Wed 30 Jul - 23:36

In-game name: SquidSquad
Class: Pally
Talent spec: 44 / 17 / 0
Explain your talent spec, why you use, what it is good for etc:
- Why is this spec gd? Uhm well i can work with it. But comments are always welcome
- Armory is not working so can't link you that one :\

Are you willing to modify/change your spec entirely?
- As long as it's Holy ofc Smile

What is your motivation to join Serial Chillers?
- Motivation is you got a great group of people and making very nice progress and was hopin i could be a part of that.

What former guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?
- Was inactive

What is your age?
- 21 years
Where are you from?
- The Netherlands
Do you smell really bad?
- Real men do
Do you have Ventrilo 3.0?
- Yes
Do you have a microphone?
- Yes

We raid four (4) days a week from 20.00 to 23.00 server time. What days are you able to come along (yes? no? maybe?)

Monday: Yes
Wednesday: Yes
Friday: Yes
Sunday: 8 outta 10 i can

Have you read the Serial Chillers rules and agreed to them?
- Yes

Here are a few questions aimed specifically at healer applicants

Explain how you MT heal.
- Spammin Flash heals. When the MT getting some massive hits i mostly Spam Holy light. (ofc use stopcasting Macro when MT at 100%)

Explain how you raid heal.
- Keep every 1 near the top. When raid get overall damage, spam heal flash heals and look at grid who is healin who so you get less overheals

What do you consider yourself most efficient at? Raidhealing or MT healing? Can this be changed by altering your spec/gear?
- Most effective in most fights MT healin. Can keep the tank topped with short and powerfull heals

What stat do you consider most important for your way of healing? (give us a good motivation why, and no answer is wrong)
- I think spellhaste is a very gd thing ( im working on it to improve it)
- But guess spellcrit is the madamebush thing for pallys

What experience of healing do you have in TBC and Pre-TBC instances?
- ZG / AQ20 / AQ40 / MC / BWL

- Kara (clear) / ZA (clear) / SSC (3 downed) / Maggy (clear) / Gruul (clear) / TK ( 2 downed)
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Apply Holy Pally - SquidSquad   Thu 31 Jul - 1:20

Thanks for the application.

I think i've been in a Kara PuG with you, can't comment on healing cus really i wasn't watching but looked at your gear which looks like it can fit the job.

Will talk more with the other officers to come to a conclusion.

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Apply Holy Pally - SquidSquad   Thu 31 Jul - 2:08

good healer, nice guy... if its the same dude Very Happy

squiddy was in tcr a little while with my druid.
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Apply Holy Pally - SquidSquad   

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[Accepted] Apply Holy Pally - SquidSquad
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