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 [Accepted] Restoration Shaman Application

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Restoration Shaman Application   Wed 23 Jul - 15:46

In-game name:Ztalc
Class: Shaman
Talent spec (a link of some sort would be nice): I am 0/8/53 ATM,

Explain your talent spec, why you use, what it is good for etc: Just went that spec to see if it worked well for pve, it did, Works ok for pvp also, but i miss the Nature's Guardian. Its a Allround spec Tbh, works for everything.

Are you willing to modify/change your spec entirely? Yes, im more then willing to modify my talent spec entirely.

What is your motivation to join Serial Chillers? I realy want to raid again. That is my motivation.

What former guilds have you been in? Why did you leave? I have been in Seekers of Divinity, Was a fight. I were in Neurubians of westrift, Everyone left. I were in Soulriders of felwen, I went on vacation, and failed at telling everyone.

What is your age? Im 16 years old, 17 this year
Where are you from? I am from Norway
Do you smell really bad? Shit happens.
Do you have Ventrilo 3.0? Yes ofcourse i do.
Do you have a microphone? Yes i do.

We raid four (4) days a week from 20.00 to 23.00 server time. What days are you able to come along (yes? no? maybe?)

Monday: Yes
Wednesday: Yes
Friday: YES
Sunday: Maybe

Have you read the Serial Chillers rules and agreed to them? Yes

Here are a few questions aimed specifically at healer applicants

Explain how you MT heal. How i heal the Main tank...? Well, i usually heal the main tank and the melee dps at one time. I heal him with Lesser Healing waves and Chain heal.

Explain how you raid heal. It depends who and how many needs a heal, I adapt to how many and where they are.

What do you consider yourself most efficient at? Raidhealing or MT healing? Can this be changed by altering your spec/gear? I am madamebush at raid healing, and / or MT+Melee dps healing. Just say the word and i will heal whatever needs it. Nothing altering my spec or gear can do about it.

What stat do you consider most important for your way of healing? (give us a good motivation why, and no answer is wrong) I think that Mp5 and Intelect are realy important, because without mana, no healing O.o

What experience of healing do you have in TBC and Pre-TBC instances? I have healed almost all pre-tbc 5 man instances. TBC instances: all 5 man, Kara, TK, bit BT, Gruul.

Tell us a little something about yourself. I love healing.

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Restoration Shaman Application   Fri 25 Jul - 0:57


Uti vår hage

Whisper any officer for invite
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[Accepted] Restoration Shaman Application
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