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 [Declined] Baer for all your tanking needs.

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Loz Baer

PostSubject: [Declined] Baer for all your tanking needs.   Wed 23 Jul - 5:15

In-game name:Amayaxia
Class: Drood
Talent spec (a link of some sort would be nice): 0/50/11
Explain your talent spec, why you use, what it is good for etc:
In Resto i have Full Furor, Naturalist and Omen of C. Furor for the definite intial rage/energy it gives, Naturalist for the 10% added dmg and Omen for the chance that my next hit will cost me no rage. All of the above are just naturally chosen by any feral druid for the buffs really.
Feral tree is pretty much full apart from nuturing instinct as its obviously Healy orientated and Primal tenacity which isn't hugely useful as i have a fook load of dodge and nautral immunity.
Most of my feral choices are self explanatory but favourites include: Thick hide for the armour contribution, primal fury because i crit alot and the extra rage boosts are tasty (Hence my choice of sharpened claws for extra crit), Feral instinct for the 15% added threat which of course is nice for le tanking, Heart of the wild for the stam, Lotp again for the crit and i'm sure any melee group will feel the same, and so on Razz

Are you willing to modify/change your spec entirely?

I am willing to change specs but to be perfectly honest my heart is in tanking. I love being a Baer for all the wonderful things we have gained and can contribute since TBC, it is our friend! I love that the oppurtunity to actually MT as a baer has arisen, i take pride in the effort I've put into my character and the skills ive gained by learning from better bears and experiencing one helluva lot of raiding.

What is your motivation to join Serial Chillers?
My motivation is that you seem to be a progressive new guild who are still jaunting into TK and SSC as well as hitting the bigger material. I miss SSC and TK having been zoomed through by Original and Devotion. I'd love an oppurtunity to tank that material more. Ive had alot of experience in Hyjal and BT. I know the content you're doing like the back of my hand so i'd not be a set back for you there, you wouldn't have to teach me much. Just be good to learn and progress onto the next bosses with a guild who's interested in all the material.

What former guilds have you been in? Why did you leave?
I was in The Shadow Hunters as a nubbins and left to start my own guild Hotaru.
Hotaru was an amazing experience but we got let down by some raiders and couldn't get fully into 25 mans we were headed to SSC and on the same level as Devotion when we got let down.
I left Hotaru after alot of thinking and went to Original after trialing for 4 weeks. I was with them a couple of months but went abroad for 2 weeks to go and visit children i'd taught in Asia and they didn't agree with my absence and kicked me.
I then joined Devotion and was with them 2 months, but i had a clash of character with one of their members and there lack of respect for the people that showed up and did well was a bit obvious so i decided to leave them and rejoin Hotaru. Now i'm applying to you. Smile

What is your age? 21
Where are you from? Scotland
Do you smell really bad? In Baer form after a raid... OH GOD YES. Normally, nah im like a bath full of strawberries and cream!
Do you have Ventrilo 3.0? Yah
Do you have a microphone? Yah

We raid four (4) days a week from 20.00 to 23.00 server time. What days are you able to come along (yes? no? maybe?)

Monday: Maybe (Probably most mondays)
Wednesday: (Probably most wednesdays)
Friday: Some
Sunday: Most sundays

(I do shift work so ill show up everyday i can, sometimes it'll be 4 days a week sometimes 2. Ill always try and make 2)

Have you read the Serial Chillers rules and agreed to them? Yes

Here comes a few questions aimed specifically at applicants with the intentions of joining as tanks:

What is your average threat per second (TPS)? 800-900

What is your level of tanking experience in TBC and Pre-TBC instances? Karazhan full, ZA full, Tk FULL, SSC Full, Hyjal 4/5 9with attempts at Archi)
5/9 BT. I was attuned to Hyjal and BT before attunements were dropped.

Do you understand the meaning of a crushing blow, and how to avoid them? If yes, please explain.
My def is over 413 to make sure i'm uncrittable/crushable

What is the most important tanking stat in your opinion? (no answer is wrong as long as you can motivate it well)

Defense and Armor are probably the most important thing. Defense meaning your uncrittable and crushable and therefore easy to keep alive. Armour as it reduces the physical damage taken, also making you easier to keep alive. Dodge is rather tasty for bears too, but I armor and Def stack personally.

How do you prepare for a raid? Food buffs and consumables etc, try to list them.

Stacks of Feltail Delight
Flasks of fortification x2
Major Agility x20
Major Defense x20 (Just in case of running out of flasks)
Wild Quillvine x100 (just in case)
Flintweed Seed x20-30

Tell us a little something about yourself.

Well i'm and English Lady living in Scotland. The names Lauren but you can call me Loz/Baer, undoubtably you'll be calling me Baerface or some such! My dads called me Loz Baer since i was a kid so not so weird i chose a druid! I've lived in Kathmandu Nepal for five months from september 2006 to Feburary 2007. I taught english to orphan children out there which was an amazing experience.
I'm basically an adventurer at heart who loves a challenge. I love to throw myself into a difficult situation and learn and grow from it. Im strong, independent and very loyal. If i feel like im at home somewhere or bond with folk that doesn't ever change. Im a good team player and a good advocate for any community. So basically i'm a Big Strong Baer to Tank your bad guys!
Thanks for reading <3
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Baer for all your tanking needs.   Wed 23 Jul - 13:44

We needz yez
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Baer for all your tanking needs.   Wed 23 Jul - 23:22

Retracting my application. Good luck in your future.
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Baer for all your tanking needs.   Thu 24 Jul - 14:36

Alright, Cya around.
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined] Baer for all your tanking needs.   

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[Declined] Baer for all your tanking needs.
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