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 [Accepted] Holy paladin Application.

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PostSubject: [Accepted] Holy paladin Application.   Tue 22 Jul - 21:30

In-game name: Ironbreaker
Class: Paladin
Talent spec (a link of some sort would be nice): Holy, here is my Armory Link =] I may be in pvp gear, i've been doing it alot due to having not been in a raiding guild for a while.
Explain your talent spec, why you use, what it is good for etc:Well, I love healing, and in my own opinion, and amany others, I am very good at it. I specced past kings in prot so that i could get the damage reduction from RF and also improved Concentation aura, which is very nice when in a caster group. The spec through holy is relatively simple, It's made to heal =]

Are you willing to modify/change your spec entirely? Of course. I acctually have quite a tasty Prot kit, i've tanked the first few bosses in ZA as protection, and with a few minor upgrades it could be an awesome kit.

What is your motivation to join Serial Chillers? well, My brother recently got diagnosed with terminal cancer, and one of his wishes was always to see the sunwell, and raid endgame content. I have a hunter on another server, which i won't name for his privacy, but I raided sunwell and all of BT with it, and i gave it to him. I have this as an alt, and also a 70 fully epic geared rogue. This will be my new main, and i am experienced on this in kara, gruul, Magtheridon, TK and SSC. I am obviously very familiar of farming Hyjal BT and sunwell trash. I see serial chillers as being the kind of guild where i would fit in well. I like to have a joke, and can take one as well, and mostly i love team work and progression through raid instances, there's nothing like having 6 people alive with a boss on 2% and going crazy behind your screen praying that the boss goes down =] <3

What former guilds have you been in? Why did you leave? I have been in Soul of the fire on this server, I stayed there and raided SSC/TK with them a few months ago. It was really fun. I was recently in Devotoin as well, but as a social mainly as i know people from there =]

What is your age? I am 18, almost 19 years old
Where are you from? I was born and bread in Northern Ireland, UK. I now live in Scotland, UK.
Do you smell really bad? Only after a night out on the town, if i avn't showered (which is never) or i jump in a giant pile of horse crap. Otherwise no...Very Happy
Do you have Ventrilo 3.0? i do indeed =]
Do you have a microphone? yarr!

We raid four (4) days a week from 20.00 to 23.00 server time. What days are you able to come along (yes? no? maybe?)

Monday: yes/maybe
NOTE: My shifts in my job change weekly, so i will be able to tell you a week in advance what i can raid =] should easily make 3 nights a week =] At least!
Have you read the Serial Chillers rules and agreed to them? i have indeed!

Here are a few questions aimed specifically at healer applicants

Explain how you MT heal. Palladins are simple really. I watch for anything that can be cleansed, and do that immediately, usually i can spam Flash of light and not go out of mana, in 25 mans this is ideal imo, as there should always be more than just you on the MT. If his health staggers i activate divine favour, and depending on the surroundings, move in slightly for a holy shock crit heal, otherwise i will holy light crit heal.

Explain how you raid heal. Simple really, flash of light spamming, Holy shock, cleanse. Paladins are a bit boaring really :p

What do you consider yourself most efficient at? Raidhealing or MT healing? Can this be changed by altering your spec/gear? Nah, no gear changing really needed, maybe more Mp5 if i was raid healing more, as MT haeling in 25 mans would mostly require low mana heals, with quick casts. I consider myself an excellent all round healer. I am good at both, but paladins imo, are usually more orientated to MT healing.

What stat do you consider most important for your way of healing? (give us a good motivation why, and no answer is wrong) well. as long as i keep around 180+ mana per 5 while casting, i like to have Crit on my gear and obviously, the + healing. I should probably explain that i have 2 pvp pieces, the boots and the bracers. I use these because they pack ALOT of + spell crit rating, which is a favorite stat of mine as long as i keep enough Mp5.

What experience of healing do you have in TBC and Pre-TBC instances? Pre Everything barr naxx., TBC, everything except BT/Sunwell

Tell us a little something about yourself. My real name is Ashley, I am a real easy going guy, easy to get on with. I love socialising and making new friends and meeting new people. i LOVE challenges, and expecially working to overcome them. People can't expect to get something for nothing eh? =] There's not much else to say really =] just Chat to me and you'll learn the rest over time i hope! Well, i really really hope to hear from you guys soon, madamebush of luck with your adventures, and hopefully, i can join you asap! c ya =]
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Holy paladin Application.   Wed 23 Jul - 4:22

This guy is kewl. Me wantz him!
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Holy paladin Application.   Wed 23 Jul - 5:06

seems cool but your real name gives me the creeps...reminds me of a not-so-pleasant aquintance of mine.

good luck
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Holy paladin Application.   Wed 23 Jul - 12:55

Thanks for Applying.

Nice info, and seems you know a bit about your class lolz.
I'll talk more with the other officers to come to a conclusion.

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Holy paladin Application.   Wed 23 Jul - 14:38

Hi guys =] I appreciate the replies so soon :O Thanks for having a look =]

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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Holy paladin Application.   Wed 23 Jul - 14:43

get 81 healing on mace please
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Holy paladin Application.   Wed 23 Jul - 14:51

Invited as a Trial.

Incoming whispers Smile

Good luck. Evil or Very Mad
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PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Holy paladin Application.   

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[Accepted] Holy paladin Application.
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