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 [Accepted] Boshhammer, fire mage

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[Accepted] Boshhammer, fire mage Empty
PostSubject: [Accepted] Boshhammer, fire mage   [Accepted] Boshhammer, fire mage Icon_minitimeThu 10 Jul - 14:04

Well your sticky says youíre full on mages but hey, I thought Iíd give it a shot anyway. cyclops

In-game name: Boshhammer
Class: Mage - I'd give an armory link but it won't seem to work on here
Talent spec (a link of some sort would be nice): 2/48/11
Explain your talent spec, why you use, what it is good for etc: All the mage forum nerds seem to be in agreement that this is the madamebush spec for dps, which seems about right from my experience with it Ė I switched out from frost a while back and I love playing the spec, especially with the Ďnewí icy veins. Playing frost for the survivability kinda lost its charm when all fire mages got iceblock too. ^_^

Are you willing to modify/change your spec entirely?
Sure, I havenít worked out any specific gear for frost or arcane specs but I can put something together if itís necessary

What is your motivation to join Serial Chillers? I took a break from raiding (during which I tried and failed at pvp Neutral ) but Iíd really like to get back into it in a decent guild thatís more or less where I left off. That and a couple of friends of mine joined up. Surprised

What former guilds have you been in? Why did you leave? Well I come from the epic fail realm of darkmoon faire where I played in silver ascension (which was an awesome guild until circumstances forced it to disband) and the seawolf crew, a decent bunch of people who I left to follow all my friends who transferred here.

What is your age? 19
Where are you from? UK
Do you smell really bad? Yes, I smell of bbq sauce and ink.
Do you have Ventrilo 3.0? IÖdo now. Iíve only used teamspeak before but Iím guessing vent isnít too hard to set up Surprised
Do you have a microphone? Yeah I use a headset which was made for a ps2 but always seemed to work fine on TSÖ got no problems speaking through it, as well as listening

We raid four (4) days a week from 20.00 to 23.00 server time. What days are you able to come along (yes? no? maybe?)

Monday: yes
Wednesday: yes
Friday: yes
Sunday: yes

Have you read the Serial Chillers rules and agreed to them? Yeah, they sound good

Here are a few questions aimed specifically at applying DPS classes

What is your average DPS in a raid? (WWS logs to back this up is very much appreciated)
tbh I have no idea, I normally watch the total damage done instead of dps ^^ Anything over 1100 I would guess, because I seem to recall getting that in ZA or somethingÖ I should probably learn how to use WWS one of these days.

What other than DPS can your class bring to a raid?
A wide variety of polymorph styles! (okay three, but whatever)What else? UhÖ decursing! Actually I was never that good at decursing but Iím sure if I got round to keybinding it that might help. Amp magic and dampen magic where appropriate. Portal to theramore at the end of the raid is always a nice touch, imo.

What do you do to maximize your damage during a raid?
I donít decide to be a retard and refuse to shell out for my own flasks, wizard oil and spell dmg food. Depending on the group setup and boss encounter I bring destruction pots and flame caps too, because as I read on a forum, itís my job to Ďblow shit upí. =)
Aside from that playing a mage seems to be a matter of managing cooldowns right, which I can actually do.

What experience of damage dealing do you have in TBC and Pre-TBC instances?
I didnít raid pre-TBC, I was a lowly levelling gnome
In TBC it would be kara, gruul, mag, all SSC (only up to phase 3 on vashj, /cry), all TK up to kael , who I ninja-pulled with a snowball for bonus points.
And the first boss in MH.

Tell us a little something about yourself.
My nameís George, and as you might be able to tell from my age I finished college a year ago and pretty much took a year off to end up doing nothing but playing WoW, which should look good on my uni application. I think Iím easy enough to get along with. Aside from warcraft I play Castlevania and Phoenix Wright games (anyone? No?). Also I once entered a pogo stick competition and came last place.

And thatís all! Feel free to /w me in game if you need extra info, or whatever.
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[Accepted] Boshhammer, fire mage Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Accepted] Boshhammer, fire mage   [Accepted] Boshhammer, fire mage Icon_minitimeThu 10 Jul - 14:46

Hi Boshhammer, Very nice application and the gear is OK aswell. We're actually in need of another mage since we had one leaving us yesterday.

Just whisper any officer for invite Smile

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[Accepted] Boshhammer, fire mage
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