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 [Declined]hunter application

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PostSubject: [Declined]hunter application   [Declined]hunter application Icon_minitimeWed 2 Jul - 20:01

Hunter apply,name: casperdk
Thank you for the time of reading it

I dont know if you need members or the class im offering but i want to try it anyways because if you dont ask you never know. So no nuts no glory
Altho i have applying to more guilds i looking to find a new solid and active and also fun guild to call home and enjoy some raids
so if you seen a apply on other guild forum's its because im very active looking

My real name is casper and my char names are casperdk, craus (i have more but they are the most i care about)
My main (casperdk) is my hunter and is full kZ + badges items and gems geared, I love playing hunter and i think i do a good job at it
I have played BM, Then a long time MM also in raids still love it but last few months im back to MM again and it goes great, bit more DPS, Its just fantastic playing hunter to bad blizzard nerved us a lot
But hey what class didnt get nerved, I say get over it and find a way to go more dps or get better
The guild im in now is called Nemesis Alliance i am Class Leader and main Raid leader for 10 and 25man raids
The reason for the apply is Nemesis Alliance is a great guild and i love the people that play there, But lately we have some dificulties getting and keeping members in our guild
their for our active members have decreased a lot and we cant get even 25man to do bigger raids anymore.
- Your In-Game Name: casperdk
- Your Class/Race: dwarf
- Your Professions: Leatherworking 284 / mining 375/375
- Experience in game: I was Main Raidleader so i have some experience in leading and we have cleared KZ,ZA5/6,Gruul,TK2/5 SSC 3/5 =( long time ago we tried and we never got back at him ,
think we couldt kill it but now we never may find out. I also read the bosskiller webbie to get pre-knollage how to do it ect..
- Attuned: KZ/SSC/Gruul/and got all Heroic key's
- Addons: Got most Addons installed DBM/CTmod/CTraidassist/void,Sol alarm/Omen/ect ect.. if other is needed willing to instal =)
- Teamspeak and ventrilo installed and yes i have a working microphone

- Your talent build and why did you pick it:3/55/3 it Was BM because i love that spec and came from PVP server and then its verry imba, now im mm and thats verry imba at raiding / PVE gamestyle
willing to respec if needed
- Availability in game: daily from 19:00-0:00 at least have some rest days like monday and saturday at this guild im in now
- What could possibly influence your raid attendance: not mutch even when sick im their, have some hobby's but i know in advance when i cant be online
- A link to your profile: see at the end

- Tell us a little bit about yourself: \/ their you go im not addicted at all =) so read it down their \/

The other chars i have :
craus 65 protection warrior
Twinks (is cool to )
rogue lvl 19
shaman lvl19

My Info
- i dont know if age is a requierment but im 18 years
Ok well now a little about gaming
I been gaming a long time from wolfenstein3d, quake1,2,3,arena till halflife2 and Crysis all lot of 3d shooters and guilds had my own guild so i know things can be thoug sometimes
about 2 years ago my nephew introduced me to wow he said heres a 10day account see if you like it.... wel .. i thank him every day again for this addiction i have now ..
My PC is watercooled tweaked ect ..a nother malfunction on my part my pc needs to be fast even if im using it only as internet pc hahaha and my internet connection is ADSL2+ 24mb
I like to get raids and instances done even if we whipe i dont care yes sure i love to clear but im not afraid of whiping its a good way to learn the game how frustrating it sometimes even is
im online almost every day, and we raid mo,thu,wed,tue,fri and sun (19:00-0:00) and because i leaded the most of the raids i need to be online also most of the times, so dedicated i am i think.
I am also not a guild hopper i stay with my guild till the last end and still do. We bondend with other players and im not trowing that away for anything. im as loyal to my guild as i can be.
I think im honest as can be if guildies need items more then i do then they can have it i dont have problems with that at all .. If people have problems just say it and be direct and honest then you have the madamebush result with me
English well its ok can speak it fairly i think i need to because im also working as ICT engineer at a big internet profider, And i got that stupid hobby HAM radio ammateur they all talk english then. Typing.... well i make some errors some times but still should be understandable
Also when leading raids its kinda easyer to talk english so people understand you a little /lol
- My country : denmark
I played on a PVP server at first with my hunter their for i got most PVP stuff
still like to play pvp now and then but pve is more fun i think also like to see more of the endgame
maybe the question raises why so mutch chars? Well thats because i want to learn what every type of class can do and even in pvp what i can do against it =)

Here ill put up my links to the armory for you
Hunter :
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]hunter application   [Declined]hunter application Icon_minitimeWed 2 Jul - 20:07

I'm sorry, your application doesn't really cut it. You haven't even used our personal template. Application declined.


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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]hunter application   [Declined]hunter application Icon_minitimeWed 2 Jul - 20:10

Use our template, decline for now.
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PostSubject: Re: [Declined]hunter application   [Declined]hunter application Icon_minitime

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[Declined]hunter application
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